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"We are delighted to be supporting the Proud2bOps Network at this important time for the NHS. We firmly believe that the NHS has high-quality operational management, which is a fundamental reason services are kept running often in very difficult circumstances. We also see there is an opportunity to further develop skills and new ways of working, embracing technology, encouraging automation and data-driven approaches to day-to-day management.

We look forward to discussing and debating these topics with the Proud2bOps network in the coming months. We also look forward to engaging with colleagues across a range of topics so that we can learn and develop, but to also contribute our knowledge built up over the last 30 years working with hospitals and health systems

Neil Griffiths, Managing Director

Our Partners

Our partners have been selected based on their purpose, vision and values as a business and their proven passion for supporting operational delivery, innovation, and people development. Over the next 12 months, we aim to build a relationship and partnership built on trust, growth, and organisational effectiveness. We aim to establish relationships where we work together hand in hand and recognise mutual benefit between our partnership. 
As a professional network for operational managers and leaders, we aim to strengthen our learning, understanding and effectiveness of service offers and innovations to health and care organisations and the role that managers and members play in this. Thus, increasing our spread, adoption and relationships across the UK health and care industry.


Energising, Connecting and Developing Operational Managers and Leaders across health and care.