I am very excited to announce the opportunity to be part of the Proud2bOps Advisory Group. As a member of the Advisory Group, you will play a crucial role in shaping the direction of our organisation, contributing to our strategic goals, and providing valuable support to myself as the Founder and Chair of Proud2bOps and my fellow company Directors. Your insights and expertise will be instrumental in driving forward the ambitions and impact of Proud2bOps and ensuring that we remain aligned with our Strategic Mission, Vision, and Values.

Introduction to Proud2bOps

Proud2bOps is a National Network for Operational Managers and Leaders of provider Health and Care organisations. Established in 2017, born from a gaping void in operational development and connection, Proud2bOps was formed. Proud2bOps is a deliberately developmental Network, bound by its values and principles and innovative approach to leadership and operational development. We are a multi-award-winning network, and we are very proud of our members.

Proud2bOps has a firm and respected place in the design and delivery of healthcare, optimising the skills and expertise of over 1,300 senior operational managers within Community, Independent, Mental Health, Acute and Ambulance Trusts. In addition to National representation, Proud2bOps Regional Networks exist across the 7 Regions of NHS England: London, Midlands, East of England, Northeast and Yorkshire, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest, and from June 2023, spread into Trust level Proud2bOps@ Networks. Successful spread and adoption at scale is a key driver for our Network.

Proud2bOps works in partnership with National Health and Care bodies, including NHS England, Department of Health and Social Care, NHS Providers and NHS Confederation. Proud2bOps is recognised as ‘the’ go-to Network for operational expertise, voice, and impact. It is accurate to say that Proud2bOps has built a strong reputation across the operational workforce and National Government bodies and institutes.

Strategic vision

Proud2bOps is an innovative and growth-minded network, where working in partnership and building reputable relationships is a core objective and pre-requisite for the Network. As a network, we have set ourselves an ambitious and exciting journey over the next three years and we are enjoying taking this forward.

In March 2023, Proud2bOps was successful in securing certification as a Community Interest Company, a goal that we set ourselves some time ago. We now wish to successfully optimise this position, and we know that we cannot do it alone. We are also aware that we don’t necessarily have the level of experience needed to progress our growth and impact.

We will, therefore, introduce a Proud2bOps Advisory Group. Our advisory group will play a pivotal role in shaping, contributing, and supporting the Founder and Chair of Proud2bOps and fellow company Directors. With your contribution, we will drive forward the ambitions and impact of Proud2bOps and ensure delivery and impact against our Strategic Mission, Vision, and Values.

Advisory Group Member 

Our vision is to have a collection of dedicated volunteer members who advocate for Proud2bOps and contribute to the success of Proud2bOps CIC. The support provided by group members will help Proud2bOps protect and support health and care operational professionals across the UK, ensuring members continue to have a positive experience of the network and our professional recognition. 

Proud2bOps has successfully maintained a safe, supportive space for members and our partners. One where members feel valued, respected, supported, and involved in the development of the operational profession. We therefore expect our advisory board members to equally support these conditions and do their utmost to add value to our members and the delivery of health and care services. In return, members will respect your values, needs and contribution to the Network. 


Through providing contacts, ideas, and expertise, you will help Directors achieve the Network ambitions. You will be a member of the advisory group which will act as an organisational forum to review, consider, and support Directors in leading plans, interventions and activities which support the growth and impact of the Network. 

You will provide your experience and knowledge, and act as a critical friend and advisor to the Founder and Chair of the Network and senior members of the Poud2bOps Network team. The group will be asked to take responsibility for meeting an agreed income target for the network, which will contribute accordingly to the agreed objectives and in-year plans of Proud2bOps. 

You will be accessible and supportive to the Chair and Founder of the Network, whom will actively seek to optimise your skills and experience. 

Commitment of Board Members 

  • Be an active member of the Proud2bOps Advisory Group, attending a minimum of 75% of scheduled board meetings-scheduled to meet three times per year. 
  • Act as a coach and mentor to the Founder, Chair, and Directors of Proud2bOps on an ad-hoc basis. 
  • Support the Directors to meet planned targets by assisting in optimising your contacts to identify and open opportunities that start relationships that add value to the Network and its purpose. 
  • Act as an ambassador and advocate for operational managers and leaders. 
  • Where relevant, to help organise events and/or activities that generate new income, business, and partnerships for Proud2bOps. 
  • Identify opportunities to invite relevant, high-calibre professionals to join the group. 
  • Endeavour to recruit a replacement colleague to join the group upon your departure. 
  • Open your contacts and networks to Proud2bOps and advocate on our behalf. 
  • Support event delivery by providing ideas and feedback on specific areas when required by Proud2bOps. 
  • Operate in a way that is consistent with Proud2bOp's vision, values, and underlying principles. 
  • Keep confidential information that is shared by Proud2bOps CIC and any network-associated business or events that are not available in the public domain. 

Our vision is that our new Proud2bOps Advisory Group members are a recognised partner and friend to the Network and that their intent to be a member is to support the operational and management profession and contribute towards the success of the Proud2bOps strategy.

Apply Now

To express your interest in this Advisory Group Member position, please submit your CV and covering letter to pennymmoore@outlook.com by 6th November. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact Penny at pennymmoore@outlook.com.

We look forward to receiving your interest and how you will make a positive difference to Proud2bOps and our professional communities.